Below you can find out if and how you can:

  • Share information over email with our network of professionals.
  • Host or sponsor an event.

Sharing information over email

If you’d like to share anything over email with our network of professionals you should check the criteria below and then use the Contact Us form to send us the details of what you’d like us to share so we can then discuss this with you. The steering group retain complete discretion over whether they share information and events with the network.

This criteria applies to anything you wish to share including but not limited to: events, information, surveys, public service announcements, paid for and free products, paid for and free services.

  • The subject matter should concern LGBTQ+ issues or be very closely related.
  • The subject matter should be pertinent to our region (the Midlands).
  • The subject matter should not relate to commercial paid-for services even if the services are targeted at LGBTQ+ issues e.g. training, conferences, coaching, websites.

Hosting or sponsoring an event

From time to time we host events for our network. If you think you’d be a suitable host for such an event or if you wish to sponsor such an event then you can use our Contact Us form to get in touch to discuss this with you.